Carnegie Mellon University School of Computer Science

FAQ: SCS Cyrus Email Migration

Cyrus is an open-source Email server product. It primarily supports IMAP protocol and works with any IMAP client such as Thunderbird, Pine, Apple Mail, etc. The School of Computer Science and Computing Services both run a Cyrus service.
Every University (Andrew) account is created with a mailbox. In addition, most students, staff and faculty associated with the School of Computer Science received a mailbox on the SCS Cyrus server ( Many SCS affiliates forward their Andrew email to their SCS Cyrus mailbox and have never logged into their Andrew mailbox. 
SCS Computing Facilities is transitioning all SCS email services to Computing Services and decommissioning the SCS Cyrus (IMAP) server. As part of the email transition process, we must migrate your SCS email to your Andrew (Exchange or G Suite) mailbox. Once your SCS email migration is complete both your SCS and Andrew email will be delivered to your Andrew mailbox and your SCS email address will be added to your Andrew account as an alias. 
Even if you forward your SCS email to a personal email address, you still have an SCS Cyrus mailbox that needs to be moved to either your Andrew (Exchange or G Suite) mailbox.
Yes, your SCS email address will be added to your Andrew mailbox and you will be able to send and receive email as your SCS email address. 
No, the migration process has been designed to be as unobtrusive as possible. You will have to reconfigure your email clients at the time when you choose to switch your email delivery to your new mailbox, but otherwise the migration process will not interfere. 
The migration process will attempt to copy all of your email (including attachments) from the SCS Cyrus server to either the Andrew (Exchange or G Suite) server. The migration process will not copy any of the following:
  • Mail stored locally on your devices
  • Contacts
Mail delivery settings determine which mailbox email will be routed to for delivery. For example, mail delivery settings might dictate that mail addressed to will be delivered to the "example" mailbox on After your email is migrated off your mail delivery settings must be modified to deliver mail to the new destination mailbox either Andrew Exchange or G Suite.
New SCS email will be delivered to your Andrew Exchange or G Suite mailbox. You will no longer receive email to your SCS Cyrus mailbox. 
Once your migration has completed, all of your email (,, etc) will be delivered to your Andrew mailbox. will always direct you to your Andrew mailbox. 
Once your SCS email migration has completed, all of your email (,, etc) will be delivered to your Andrew mailbox. If you were forwarding your Andrew email to SCS email address or a personal email address all email forwarding will be removed when your mail delivery is switched. To reconfigure your email forwarding visit,
The SCS Cyrus server will be completely decommissioned after all mail has been migrated off it. 
Messages may fail to migrate for a variety of reasons:
  • The message exceeds 25MB in size
  • The message contains malicious content
  • The message contains an attachment type that is not allowed by Google or Microsoft.

You will receive a message failure report with a list of all the messages that failed to migrate at the conclusion of your migration process.

Google imposes a 500MB limit per day when uploading email to a G Suite mailbox. For example, a 5GB mailbox will take approximately 10 days to migrate. 
Exchange does support mailboxes larger than 25GB. However, there are known issues with larger mailboxes when interacting with some clients. To provide the best overall customer experience, we limit mailboxes to 25GB. Please note that there is not a 25GB overall storage limit. If you require additional quota, we will allocate additional 25GB personal (PSMBX) mailboxes for your account 
The SCS self-service migration process was designed to fit the needs of the general customer population, but it does not provide a great customer experience when migrating larger mailboxes. We have identified mailboxes that are not suited for a self-service migration process and administratively prohibited them from using the self-migration service. If you are not able to use the SCS self-migration interface, contact us by submitting a ticket