Carnegie Mellon University School of Computer Science

AFS Quotas

Each volume in AFS has a quota. Quotas can be increased upon request. Default and maximum quotas vary by volume type.
Volume Type Default Quota Maximum Quota

User Volume

1 GB 10 GB

Project Volume

5 GB 25 GB

Academic Volume

1 GB 25 GB

Increasing AFS Quota

If you require additional space, please submit a ticket to request an AFS quota increase. Please note that if you are using an application that attempts to write to a full volume, the write may fail and data, such as changes to a file you are editing, may be lost.

Determine AFS Quota Use

You can use the fs command on SCS Linux machines to see how much free quota remains in a volume. The following commands will show current quota use for a volume:
fs lq /afs/

fs lv /afs/cs/user/example