Carnegie Mellon University School of Computer Science

Transition your Student Services

Upon graduation you or your program coordinator can submit a request to transition your SCS account to a Carnegie Mellon (CMU) Alumni account and you will receive an email indicating your access to SCS services are changing. Because access to services may depend on your SCS userid and Andrew ID, the change process is called de-provisioning.

Use the guide below as you transition the services associated with your SCS account, including your AFS file storage, personal web pages and other SCS computing-related services to new services and storage locations


  • Upon request, SCS Computing Facilities will deliver your SCS email ( to your new Alumni email ( account.
  • You will only receive email sent to your SCS email address. You will no longer be able to send email from this email address.
  • Use the Alumni Mail Migration tool to migrate your student email to your Alumni email account.  For more information please visit Transition your Andrew Services.
  • Please see the Alumni Association website for additional details about your new CMU Alumni email account.

AFS (Andrew File System)

  • Delete any files that you do not want to be retained in the volume.
  • Use a secure FTP program to move files to your personal computer's hard drive, removable media or another storage location.
  • If you do not move your files, you will not have the ability to access them form their current location in AFS.

Website (

  • If you have a personal web page in AFS that is served by the main SCS web servers, you can have that page redirected to your new hosting site.
  • You can complete the request online and have your redirect to the new URL that you provide.
  • If you do not redirect your website you will not have the ability to make edits or additions to the existing site in its current location in AFS.