Carnegie Mellon University School of Computer Science

SCS Printing: One-Time Registration Procedure

SCS Computing Facilities provides printing services for the SCS community including public printing for the three main platforms we support (Windows, macOS and Linux), supporting private in-office printing, public printing hardware maintenance and printing consumables supply. We now use a centralized print service, where you print to one queue and then release the print job at the printer.

Getting Started

Our public printing system requires an initial, one-time registration before an SCS person can print to it. For this, you will need an active Andrew ID (username and password) as well as a CMU ID Card.  This is because our public printers confirm your identity based on your account and CMU ID, providing a more secure manner of printing control.

Please note: If you are issued a new/renewed CMU ID Card, your SCS public printing account will need to be reset. Please complete the form linked in the sidebar to submit a request. Once your account has been reset, you can follow the instructions below to register your new ID Card.

Register your CMU ID Card

  1. Tap Andrew ID Card on the printer 
    Picture of hand holding ID card against to the detector - top right surface of printer/copier
  2. Enter Andrew ID username and Andrew password on screen

    picture of credentials screen on printer/copier

Configure Printers

Connect your computer to the SCS print server using the following queues:

  • Windows: \\\SCS-Public
  • Supported Mac using Self-Service: SCS-Public
  • Supported Linux: lpr -P scs_public
Detailed instructions to add the SCS print server:
  1. Tap ID card on any SCS printer (except those in NSH or EDSH)

    Picture of hand holding ID card against to the detector - top right surface of printer/copier
  2. Select "PharosPrint"

    picture of selecting pharos print option on screen
  3. Select jobs you want to print. Select "Print All" for multiple jobs"

    picture of selection of jobs to print on pharos screen on printer/copier
  4. Retrieve print job from tray on the left side of printer
    Picture of the left side output trays
  5. Logoff machine by pressing "Access" twice.
    picture of the access button on the screen of the printer/copier.