Carnegie Mellon University School of Computer Science

Software Support

Software Support includes standard troubleshooting of core operating system functionality and SCS distributed software on our supported platforms

Registering for our Software Support service includes:

OS support and troubleshooting

  • OS installations and upgrades including data migration
  • Regular security updates and update/patch support and troubleshooting
  • User access and privilege management such as Root/Admin access, Remote Desktop, etc.
  • Login and access troubleshooting
  • Network connectivity issues
  • SCS services access and troubleshooting such as printing, backups, and etc.
  • Root cause analysis for unexpected behaviors

Configuration management for SCS-provided services

  • Printing configuration
  • Authentication servers (Kerberos/Active Directory)
  • Default mail handling (Linux)
  • LDAP settings
  • Access to local storage servers (AFS/DFS/etc. – platform dependent)
  • Administrative access for system administration and remote support

Centralized OS management

  • Windows: AD/SCCM
  • macOS: JAMF (optional)
  • Linux: Kerberos + SCS repos

Application Software Support:

Distribution of supplemental licensed software

  • Microsoft Office
  • Antivirus (where applicable)
  • Matlab
  • Scribe (where compatible)
  • Backup Software (TIBS/Crashplan)
  • Adobe Acrobat (writer)
  • Providing updates for all supported software packages

Troubleshooting supported supplemental software

  • Email client configuration
  • Adobe Creative Cloud access
  • Matlab license server access
  • Backup/restore troubleshooting

As a part of the software and platform services we provide, we diagnose and troubleshoot issues as well as provide assessments and recommendations related to hardware functionality, software features and functionality, and impact assessments of proposed solutions.

While we provide this level of standard troubleshooting and assessment with our service, we are unable to provide deep level application specific debugging or troubleshooting such as custom code review or troubleshooting (issues compiling code), database troubleshooting or optimization, SQL query troubleshooting or GPU code issues. We are always happy to refer to other resources or groups whenever possible.