Carnegie Mellon University School of Computer Science

SCS Computer Equipment Registration and Management

We deploy and manage computers and networked hardware via our registration portal known as Configure and Administer SCS Equipment (CASE). A system can be registered for network, hardware, software or backup services. In addition, servers and special research or project systems can be registered for machine room hosting services. 

Before attaching any computing equipment, including computers, printers, and any other networked devices to our network, it must first be tagged and registered. 

Select one of the options below to register

Through our registration system, you can request services for new equipment, update services for existing equipment, request to have new operating systems installed/reinstalled on equipment and request installation of Virtual Machine (VM) on desktop/laptop hosts. There are monthly support charges related to some services an asset is subscribed to. You will be prompted to authenticate prior to filling out the form. 

Register Equipment

Use this online form to register services for equipment that is not currently receiving SCSCF support services.

Search, Update and Remove Equipment Support

Use this online form to search for existing equipment using asset number, hostname, contact username, or other equipment information in order to update, or remove services.

Desktop Virtual Machine Installation and Support Request

Use this online form to request installation of an SCS Supported Virtual Machine (VM) on supported desktop systems.

Note: Beginning with the Fall 2022 semester, SCSCF will no longer offer discounted support on new installations of supported VMs. For more information, review our support charges page.

Campus Cloud Virtual Server Request

Complete and submit this form to request asset services with SCS Computing Facilities for an externally hosted server.

Replace Existing Equipment

Use this online form if you have an older computer that is going to be replaced with newer computer hardware. It will guide you through retiring the old system and configuring the new asset as its replacement.