Carnegie Mellon University School of Computer Science


SCS Computing Facilities supports most networking troubleshooting and questions for the School of Computer Science. Network services including desktop connectivity, IP address distribution, and domain-name services (DNS). With the exception of our two machine rooms, SCS leverages the existing CMU network infrastructure.


While the CMU-Secure wireless network is available to the community (authenticating with Andrew username and password), SCS buildings restrict physical wired network access.To request wired network support (no charge) or add/change host registration information, please visit our equipment registration page.

Remote Access VPN

The CMU network is accessible remotely via the use of VPN and SSH (to in-network private or shared hosts). For remote access VPN, we use the campus SSH/DTLS-based Cisco AnyConnect VPN client.


Please refer to the Network Use Policies page for detailed guidelines concerning host names, domains, and creation of virtual we hosts.


There is no firewall between SCS and the rest of the internet. Potential intruders scan each host on the SCS network many times per day, looking for security vulnerabilities. To compute safely in our open environment, please read our security and computing page.