Carnegie Mellon University School of Computer Science

Access Management

In addition to your Andrew account, SCS has a specific account for students, faculty and staff that includes credentials used for access to SCS specific resources. Request access to any SCS specific resources.

Below we break down the types of access you may request:

Local computer access

SCS managed Windows hosts are bound to a domain and use a domain user account for access. macOS and Linux hosts require a local account. In order to be able to login to an SCS Supported Mac or Linux host, local accounts can be created by the SCS Help Desk once your SCS user account is active. Once the local account has been created, you can use your SCS Kerberos ID and password to login to a Linux host. Macs use a truly local account created by our administrators or a current admin level user on the same computer.

Requesting elevated privileges on computer or server

An existing computer user account can be given Administrative rights (Windows/Mac) or superuser privileges (Ubuntu Linux) by an existing superuser or admin user on the host. This can also be done by submitting request to the SCS Help Desk (by a person who is a contact on the SCS managed computer).

Requesting AFS volume/directory access

AFS Volumes provide a space for teams, projects, academic groups and individuals within SCS to store and share data centrally. Individual AFS volumes are provided to most SCS users. If a user requires access to an existing Volume, this has to be requested via our Access Request.

An approver (volume owner or admin) has to confirm the access can be granted before we can complete the request.