Carnegie Mellon University School of Computer Science

AnyConnect VPN: Pre-login Connection

Connecting to VPN from the Windows logon screen

With the AnyConnect "Start Before Logon module (GINA)" package, you can establish a VPN connection to our infrastructure before you log in to Windows. This can be installed via "Software Center" found in the Start menu on SCS managed Windows machines that are subscribed to Software Support.

If your SCS Windows computer was built on or after August 2020, this version will already be installed on your system.  

    Connecting from the Windows Login Screen

  1. At the Windows 10 logon screen please click on the VPN icon in the lower-right corner of the screen.
    icons on windows login screen
  2. If the server URL is not present, please type in into the server field. Click Connect.
    anyconnect connection window
  3. Please select group "Campus VPN" or "Full VPN".
    selection dropdown campus full
  4. Enter your Andrew credentials at the prompt. After a successful connection, please logon to Windows as normal.
    annyconnect prompting for credentials