Carnegie Mellon University School of Computer Science

Project Server Consulting

We are your partner in developing solutions that meet the needs of your research or daily work. We provide consulting that takes a holistic view of the use case and technical requirements of the project to find solutions that meet the scale, reliability and long-term value that is needed. 

SCSCF can provide consulting and assistance with:

  • Technical Needs Assessments
  • Technical Consulting
  • Technical Procurement
  • Machine Room Hosting
  • System Co-location
  • Monitoring Options

Independently Managed Servers

On average, groups within the SCS community will want to manage and deploy their own solutions. We can advise on the technical specifications relevant to application. Our goal is to assist our community in making the right technical choices for the best performance possible, even when it is a group managed solution. Common project server use cases involve database workloads (SQL, MySQL), file serving, experiments, research and more.

Are you considering purchasing and managing your own project server? We're to help with technical consulting to ensure your investment is worthwhile. Please feel free to submit a consultation request and we will be happy to assist with more information.