Carnegie Mellon University School of Computer Science

Desktop Computing Hardware

SCS Computing Facilities (SCSCF) provisions, manages and maintains the computer hardware for students, faculty and staff. SCSCF has established desktop computing standards for the general performance needs of our community and provides recommended system configurations to meet those needs.

We support desktops and laptops running Windows, macOS and also support desktops running Ubuntu Linux. We do not currently support Linux on laptops. Approved and supported manufacturers for our standard system offerings include Apple, Dell and Lenovo computers.

Recommended Dell Systems

Recommended Apple Systems

Recommended Lenovo Systems

Additional Accessories and Hardware

Consulting and Purchasing

We also offer consulting services for our community when special use cases, workload considerations and requirements call for customized solutions. While support is not guaranteed in every special configuration scenario, we strive to find a solution that encompasses the requirements presented, as well as the need for continued support. We partner with department specific IT resources to assist them in achieving the desired results. Please request custom configuration/upgrade assistance if you would help with your next computer purchase

We also assist in purchasing. We are happy to go over the stated requirements and recommend products and solutions accordingly. Once the requirements are analyzed by our certified technicians, our purchasing office  can assist with the quoting and purchasing of SCS funded computer equipment.

Personal Computers and Support

While non-CMU owned computers may be used within SCS and may be granted access to our wired network (registration required), we do not offer support for non-CMU/SCS owned computers and devices.

All computers registered for software support feature an SCS-specific operating system build. These internally vetted and customized operating system images include internal testing for SCS environment compatibility, security patching, productivity software as well as software stores (when applicable).

For more information on our supported operating systems and software, please visit our supported operating systems and software page.