Carnegie Mellon University School of Computer Science

Supported Operating Systems and Software

CMU-owned computers (assets) can be registered for software support. This service features operating systems customized, tested and managed for use within the SCS computing environment. SCS Computing Facilities (SCSCF) builds operating system images for Microsoft Windows, Apple macOS as well as a customized build of Canonical Ubuntu Linux.

Our supported builds feature:

  • Centrally managed security updates and patching.
  • Baseline application set.
  • Supported configurations tested to work with SCS baseline applications.
  • Anti-virus software.
  • Tested compatibility with our backup solutions.
  • Technical support of the operating system and baseline software.

Obtaining Software

Computers imaged and deployed by SCSCF will be preloaded with our standard baseline offering of software as requested.

Stand-alone software installations for our supported computers are offered through software repositories or “stores” established for each major operating system we offer. Software stores are software catalogs that are available for qualifying computers and offer a way to easily retrieve and install available desktop applications and services. Our baseline software offerings are included when you register your CMU-owned computer for Software Support. If you're looking for aAdobe Acrobat, visit our Adobe Acrobat Pro DC named license information page.

Backup Clients

You can also register your SCS computer for Backup Support and use our free Data Protection service (currently Crashplan) or our Archival Backup service (currently TiBS). If you are already registered for these services you can download the client, see frequently asked questions (FAQ), and more information on our backup service page.


We also assist in purchasing. We are happy to go over the stated requirements and recommend products and solutions accordingly. Once the requirements are analyzed by our certified technicians, our purchasing office can assist with the quoting and purchasing of SCS funded computer equipment.

Personal Computers and Support

While non-CMU owned computers may be used within SCS and may be granted access to our wired network (registration required), SCSCF does not offer support for non-CMU/SCS owned computers and devices. The SCS Help Desk is happy to provide best-effort guidance and consulting for general computing issues and concerns.

The SCS Help Desk does not perform any direct technical repairs or troubleshooting on personal computers beyond best-effort guidance and vendor provided information for the user when available.

Campus Computing Services

Campus Computing Services has a software catalog available that includes software products that have been licensed for use by university affiliates. All software in this catalog is for academic, non-commercial purposes only

Microsoft Azure Dev Tools

Microsoft Azure Dev Tools is used for teaching, research and other related classwork. It should not be used for administrative purposes. Through Microsoft Azure Dev Tools, students, faculty and staff have access to numerous Microsoft developer tools, applications and the most recent Windows operating systems.

Popular titles include:

  • Windows 10
  • Microsoft Project
  • Microsoft Visio
  • Microsoft Visual Studio

Visit the CMU Microsoft Azure Dev Tools website for more information and a full catalog of software available for students, faculty and staff.