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AFS Project Volumes

What is an AFS project volume?

AFS project volumes are volumes in AFS that are independent of one’s user volume. Project volumes are available to projects and individual users, subject to the following constraints:

  • The default quota for project volumes is 5 GB
  • Project volumes may be created with quotas of up to 25 GB. Additional space may be available upon request

Requesting an AFS project volume

Submit a request for an AFS Project Volume.

Guidelines for volume names

Volume names may contain up to 20 alphanumeric characters. Volume names may include a hyphen. Avoid other punctuation and special characters, such as underbar "_".

Accessing AFS project volumes

Once an AFS project volume has been created, you will be able to access it as you would any other AFS volume. If the project volume name is "superlab", the path to the AFS volume will be:


Managing AFS project volumes

Our past experience working with project volume administrators has in ed the following best practice

regarding naming project volumes:

We recommend following a consistent volume-naming scheme, especially if a single project will have multiple AFS project volumes. For example, if you have administer project volumes for project “superlab”, you could follow a naming convention of “superlab-N” for volume names. The initial volume could be “superlab-0” and subsequent volumes would be “superlab-1”, “superlab-2”, et cetera.