Carnegie Mellon University School of Computer Science

CellServDB server configuration for AFS Cell CS.CMU.EDU

Configuration information for Macintosh and Windows OpenAFS clients

In 2020, SCS Computing Facilities moved forward with a migration of our AFS dbservers to newer infrastructure which will culminate in October 2022 with the decomissioning of the old servers. Any computers that that only reference these old servers will lose access to the CS.CMU.EDU cell in AFS until their server list is updated.

Please follow the instructions below to add the new CellServDB server information. 


CellServDB Macintosh Configuration for CS.CMU.EDU as of August 2022

# = {
description = "Carnegie Mellon University - School of Comp. Sci."
use_dns = yes
servers = { = {
address =
} = {
address =
} = {
address =


Macintosh Instructions

Note: These instructions assume you are using Auristor client.
1. Open Terminal
2. type "sudo pico /etc/yfs/cellservdb.conf" [press return] [requires admin rights]
authenticate when prompted.
3. press 'Control' + 'w' on the keyboard to search
4. type "" [press return]
5. Remove the old server cell entry for
6. Copy and paste the new server cell entry above paying attention to closing brackets.
7. press 'Control' + 'x' to quit
8. press 'y' then 'return' to save changes
9. Restart your computer.


CellServDB Windows Configuration for CS.CMU.EDU as of August 2022

>             #Carnegie Mellon University - School of Comp. Sci.            


Windows Instructions

Note: These instructions assume you are using OpenAFS for Windows client.
1. Search for Notepad from the Start menu > right-click on Notepad and select 'Run as administrator'.
2. From the menubar select File > Open
3. Navigate to C:\Program Files\OpenAFS\Client or C:\Program Files (x86)\OpenAFS\Client
4. Select "All Files" under "Text Documents (*.txt)"
5. Select CellServDB.
6. From the menubar select Edit > Find.
7. Type in "" in Find What and click "Find Next".
8. Click "Cancel" on the file dialog to dismiss it.
9. Copy and paste the configuration above, replacing the existing cell information with that from above.
10. Close and Save CellServDB.
11. Restart your computer.