Carnegie Mellon University School of Computer Science

Audio-Visual Room Guidelines

SCS rooms are managed by SCS Building Facilities, and our Operations staff provides support for resident Audio-Visual equipment in most SCS classrooms and meeting rooms. Reservations for most SCS spaces happens through Resource Scheduler.

There are also classrooms or spaces which are not managed by SCS. Reservations for most of these spaces happens through SpaceQuest (25Live).

Audio-Visual Equipment

Most rooms have a projection system or screen, and a connection cable bundle. Some rooms have a resident computer and other Audio-Visual equipment. See Audio-Visual Room Resources page for more information on what is offered in each space.

If you are having problems with the AV equipment in classrooms or meeting rooms we manage, you can submit an Audio-Visual issue ticket or call SCS Operations at 412-268-2608 (available 24/7). 

For spaces that we do not manage, you can contact Media Tech. Visit the Media Tech Event Support Services page for more information.   

Cisco Conference Speaker/Phone Units

The SCS Help Desk has VoIP conference phones available for use within SCS rooms. These units are not regular phones; they are configured to use an RJ45 network connection and utilize our centrally managed VoIP phone system. You can submit a conference phone reservation request  and retrieve the phones at our Help Desk (GHC 4201). 

Video Conferencing

Most meeting room visitors utilize tools such as Skype, Google Hangouts or similar products for video conferencing. Some rooms have resident video conferencing equipment such as GHC 4307, GHC 6501 and GHC 7101. 

Please Note: GHC 4307 is supported by MediaTech. For more information about visit the Media Tech conferencing page.

Resident Audio Equipment and Microphones

Most conference rooms offer audio amplification of connected laptops via either a 1/8" minijack audio plug "headphone style" cable or feeding high definition audio through the HDMI connection to the connected laptop.  A full list of rooms and available Audio-Visual equipment is available at our Audio-Visual Room Resources page.

In addition, several spaces in SCS offer the ability to use a microphone (paired uniquely to that particular room) in 2 types of sound amplification configurations:

Quiet speaker iconVoice Reinforcement Configuration

Rooms identified with Voice Reinforcement (low volume speaker icon) have a microphone that can be used to boost clarity of the speakers voice. However, this is not high level amplification or full PA (public address system).

high volume speaker icon Public Address Amplification Configuration

Rooms identified with Public Address Amplification Configuration (high volume speaker icon) have a microphone that can be used to boost the speakers voice significantly. This is a higher level of amplification than found on Voice Reinforcement configurations.

Microphones for use in paired rooms are available for pick-up at the SCS Help Desk (GHC 4201) for the reserved time.


Audio-Visual Equipment Lending

The SCS Help Desk offers conference speaker phones for use by the SCS community within the SCS Quad. In addition, we offer portable projectors, wireless microphones (paired to specific conference rooms) and basic computer accessories (such as keyboards and mice).

Picking Up and Dropping Off Audio-Visual Equipment

Audio-visual equipment can be picked up and dropped off at the Help Desk (GHC 4201) between 9am to 5pm. After hours, equipment can be picked up and dropped off at Operations (WEH 3612).

The Amount of Time Audio-Visual Equipment Can Be Borrowed

Equipment is loaned out for the time slot it is reserved only. Operations is 24/7 and equipment can be picked up and returned there outside of Help Desk hours. For this reason, we require that all equipment be returned following your reserved time slot. If you need to test the equipment, we ask that you reserve it a day prior to your event or reserve it earlier than your event so you can setup and test the equipment as needed. Equipment may not be borrowed overnight unless arrangements are made with the Help Desk prior to the reservation.

Availability and Reservation of Audio-Visual Equipment

You can check the availability of conference phones, the portable projector, microphones or audio accessories that are paired to specific conference room technology by contacting the SCS Help Desk at or by calling 412-268-4231.