Carnegie Mellon University School of Computer Science
  1. After downloading the Konica Driver Package ZIP file, uncompress and install the package.

    Please Note: The package file will be located where you extracted the zip file:

    (Saved Location) /Driver/OS_10_9_x/A4/C759_C658_C368_C287_C3851_109.pkg

  2. From the "Apple" menu open System Preferences

    Click on "Print & Fax" or "Printers & Scanners" 

    Screenshot of System preferences window highlighting to click on Printers and Scanners
  3. From the Printers & Scanners window, click on the Plus (+) icon in the lower left hand corner of the Printers pane.
    Screenshot of Printers and Scanners click on plus sign to add
  4. Under the IP tab, select the following options: 

    Address: (replace AndrewID is your AndrewID)

    Protocol: Line Printer Daemon - LPD

    Queue: SCS-Public (or your private printer name)

    Name: SCS-Public (or your private printer name)

    Location: (printer location or leave blank)

    Use: Click dropdown and click Select Software

    Select: KONICA MINOLTA C558 PS, click OK and Add.

    Note: For private printers, you may be able to use a generic driver, such as the Apple generic postscript driver. However, some printers may require the driver package provided by the vendor. 

    Screenshot adding the printer and entering properties
  5. Enter the following configuration information: (if not already defaulted)

    Paper Source Unit: PC-115
    Finisher: FS-533
    Punch Unit: None
    Z-Fold Unit: None
    Post Inserter: None

    Hard Disk: Checked
    Secure print Only: Unchecked
    Allow Public User: Checked

    Once completed, click OK. 

    Note: Private printers will not present these options.

    Screenshot of printer add options, finishing details
  6. For finishing options (including stapling and two sided printing), when printing check the following settings:

    In the print window:

    Click the Layout dropdown and select: Layout / Finish

    Click Layout

    Print Type: 2-Sided
    Binding Position: Left Bind

    Click Print.

    Note: Private printers will not present these options.

    screenshot of options at print - selection of layout and binding

You no longer require settings under the Advanced icon as we have switched to LPD as our preferred protocol. If you are connecting to a personal printer or require SMB connection functionality, you can still refer to our legacy printing instructions.