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Configure Thunderbird for Andrew Google Mail

Although Google encourages use of Gmail (in web browser) for full use of all Gmail features, Thunderbird now supports OAuth2 which allows Gmail to provide controlled access for an app (Thunderbird). Use your email address for this process. 

Please Note: Older versions of Thunderbird may not support OAuth2. We highly recommend an up-to-date stable release of Thunderbird. This configuration was tested correct with Mozilla Thunderbird version 91.3 (stable).

You can find more information on Mozilla's website.

    Add your Andrew Google Mail using OAuth2

  1. In Thunderbird, click the Tools menu, and select Account Settings.
    Tools menu in Thunderbird showing the Account Settings option highlighted
  2. Once in the Account Settings screen, select Outgoing Server (SMTP).

    On the right-side pane, click Add.

    Highlighted option labeled Outgoing Server SMTP Add button
  3. In the SMTP Server window, enter the following configuration:

    • Description: Your preferred brief description. E.g. "Andrew Google SMTP"
    • Server Name:
    • Port: 465
    Under Security and Authentication, select:
    • Connection Security: SSL/TLS
    • Authentication Method: OAuth2
    • User Name: (Enter the full principal email address, not an alias.)

    Click Ok

    SMTP Server pop up with description, server name, port, connection security, authentication method, and user name fields.
  4. Once in the Account Settings screen, click Account Actions (lower left sidebar) and select Add Mail Account.
    Account Actions menu highlighting Add Mail Account
  5. Enter your information including full name, email address ( and Andrew password.

    Click the Configure Manually link to the left of the Cancel button.

    Setup Up Your Existing Email Address screen with name, email address and password fields populated and a configure manually link  to the left of Cancel and Continue buttons. Zoom in on the Configure Manually link
  6. When the screen expands to include additional configuration fields, click Advanced config.
    Zoomed in screenshot of Advanced config link warning pop up indicating that settings will be created to show advanced configuration properties
  7. In the Server Settings section, enter the following configuration:
    • Server Type: IMAP Mail Server (pre-filled)
    • Server Name:
    • Port: 993
    • Username: (Enter the full principal email address, not an alias.)
    Security Settings:
    • Connection Security: SSL/TLS
    • Authentication Method: OAuth2
    server settings window with server name, username, port, connection security and authentication method fields.
  8. Once the account is created, return to the Account Settings screen. Select your newly added account ( The account settings will be displayed on the right-side pane.

    Go to the Outgoing Server (SMTP) dropdown and select the SMTP server you added (
    This will ensure that email for this account is sent through the correct SMTP server. (This is important if you have multiple accounts and SMTP servers configured.)

    Account Settings screen with the dropdown selection of Andrew Google SMTP
  9. Once you have completed the configuration, you can return to main Thunderbird screen and select the inbox of your Andrew Google account.

    Upon selecting the inbox, a web login window will appear prompting for you Andrew credentials (including DUO 2FA).

    Inbox view with the inbox folder selected and the web login screen.
  10. Approve the appropriate permissions for Thunderbird to access your Andrew Google account. Thunderbird should begin to download your mail and folders. You can send an email to test the account is sending successfully. 

    You've successfully configured your Andrew Google Mail account in Mozilla Thunderbird.

    Note: When managing multiple accounts in your Thunderbird client, ensure you are sending mail from the appropriate account. 

    Google permission approval screen