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ESET Endpoint Security Uninstall Instructions

Over the last several versions of macOS Apple's focus on security and control over the operating system including a walled approach to applications, has made macOS significantly more secure. To keep your Mac secure, Apple uses proprietary technologies to scan for malware, blocks malicious applications from installing and harming your system.

We have opted to use the built-in protection Apple offers in Mac systems over a third-party product. Due to CMU licensing compliance, users will need to uninstall ESET Endpoint Security before December 12th, 2021.

Please follow the steps below to uninstall ESET Endpoint Security from your Mac.

Please Note: Visit the computing Computing Services page, Secure Your macOS Computer for the latest security recommendations.

    Uninstall Steps

  1. Click on Finder on the left hand side of the Dock.

    screenshot of macOS Finder icon
  2. Inside the Finder window click on "Applications". Right-click on ESET Endpoint Security and select "Show Package Contents"

    screenshot of right click on ESET Endpoint selecting Show Package Contents
  3. Open the folder "Contents"

    Screenshot showing the contents folder
  4. Open the folder "Helpers"

    screenshot opening helpers folder
  5. Open the application "Uninstaller"

    screenshot of running the uninstaller
  6. Click "Uninstall" on the ESET Endpoint Security Setup window (Requires administrator privileges)

    Screenshot of ESET Uninstaller window
  7. Enter your local administrator credentials when prompted.

    Screenshot of Uninstaller authentication window enter mac username and password
  8. Enter your local administrator credentials again if prompted to remove System Extensions. (You may be prompted multiple times for as many as four System Extension removals.)

    Screenshot Uninstaller may prompt a second time for credentials
  9. Click Close to close the uninstaller.

    Screenshot of uninstallation complete - prompt to restart computer.
  10. Please restart your computer: Apple menu > Restart