Carnegie Mellon University School of Computer Science

Server Computing

Many groups throughout SCS deploy self-managed servers for their own research and specific use. When it comes to computing (and more specifically servers), SCS Computing Facilities (SCSCF) can be a valuable partner in decision making even when it's not a server solution that we maintain.

The SCS computing environment allows network access of these independently managed servers. While SCSCF cannot directly support independently built and operated servers in our space, we are happy to provide consulting to assist groups making such investments.


We can provide consulting in assistance of ensuring technical purchases are worth the investment. We can explore considerations such as compatibility, durability, expandability and upgrade lifecycle of the hardware, and ensure the spec meet the needs of the project. Please feel free to submit a ticket and our engineers would be happy to begin a conversation as to what technical solutions best fit your needs.

Independently managed project servers 

We are happy to provide general guidance and consulting on best practices in system administration, but can bring value in sharing our experiences when deploying project servers or more robust computing solutions. 

Machine room hosting

SCSCF manages machine rooms that can host computing hardware with uninterruptible power supply and network services. Our Operations group, provides 24/7 monitoring of system availability, with network and power monitoring and alerts for system contacts.