Carnegie Mellon University School of Computer Science

AFS on macOS

SCS Computing Facilities (SCSCF) provides access to our AFS (Andrew File System) storage using Kerberos authentication tickets and AFS tokens. We recommend accessing AFS through an SCS-provisioned Linux host. For users without an SCS-provisioned Linux host, we offer - our general purpose Linux cluster. If you are using, you can perform cross-realm authentication to our CS AFS cell


macOS computers can access AFS using the following software:

These program installers are provided, hosted and maintained by other organizations and are provided for convenience. See the provided links for additional installation or package information.

These three programs work with no SCS-specific configuration outside of session details and Kerberos authentication.


You will need your SCS Kerberos (null) credentials to authenticate to an SCS Linux host or For more information on SCS Kerberos authentication, please visit our Kerberos information page. If you are using, you will need your Andrew credentials and you can then perform cross-realm authentication (Terminal) should you need to reach a volume on our cell. users: Please note that if you are using the Andrew unix servers, you will be presented with the Andrew AFS cell as opposed to CS. Please note which cell you are connected to. For more information on the Andrew AFS cell, please visit the Computing Services page on accessing the Andrew FS cell

macOS Ticket Viewer: This application is available in macOS but references or links to it may differ in versions. Most commonly (and verified in macOS Mojave), it is accessible via Keychain Access. 

To access via Ticket Viewer:

    1. Launch "Keychain Access" (You can search for it using Spotlight).
    2. Click the "Keychain Access" application menu on the apple taskbar, and slect "Ticket Viewer".
    3. In "Ticket Viewer", click the "Add Identity" button. 
    4. Enter your main SCS Kerberos "null" credentials (username@CS.CMU.EDU).
    5. You can now launch Terminal and connect to an SCS Linux host or our general purpose servers ( using ssh -K
    6. You can choose to save this credential in your Keychain.

mac os ticket viewer credential screen

Entering credentials in Ticket Viewer

Fetch: Andrew Computing Services offers Fecth as a file transfer client that can be used (GUI) in macOS to transfer files to and from AFS (using a host for authentication). You can download Fetch from the Computing Services website.

To use Fetch:

    1. Launch Fetch (once installed).
    2. At the New Connection prompt, enter the hostname. This will be the SCS Linux host or our general purpose servers (
    3. For username, enter your SCS Kerberos username (you do not need the @CS.CMU.EDU).
    4. Connect using SFTP (secure FTP).
    5. Enter your SCS Kerberos (null) password. 
    6. You can save this credential in your Keychain.
    7. Click Connect.

fetch new connection screen