Carnegie Mellon University School of Computer Science

SCS Room Reservation Outage 9/25/2020 6:00 PM

Upgrade to Resource Scheduler

This event has expired. Its previous status was Planned.

Day/Date:  Friday, September 25, 2020, through Sunday, September 27, 2020

Time: 6:00 pm Friday (through the end  of the upgrade period)

Service Affected: SCS Room Reservation System (Resource Scheduler)


Beginning on Friday, September 25, 2020, our room reservation system vendor will begin performing maintenance and upgrade work that will affect the availability of Resource Scheduler. Upgrades will begin Friday, September 25th at 6 pm EDT and extend through the weekend. Resource Scheduler may not be available for use during this time. 

The room reservation system will be once again available on Monday, September 28, 2020. If you encounter any issues after the upgrade, please contact the SCS Help Desk via our website.