Carnegie Mellon University School of Computer Science

Microsoft Updates

As a result of Microsoft's new servicing model, there are now two types of updates: monthly "quality updates" and annual "feature updates". Both are equally important, but each one delivers different sets of improvements at different times. SCS Computing Facilities runs a managed Windows environment where we test and distribute these updates internally. Both updates types are delivered to SCS managed Windows machines via the methods below.

Updating via Settings

Below is the manual method to check for updates.  Updates install automatically.

  1. Open Settings.
    1. Click on the Windows Menu, also known as the Start Menu.
    2. Search for “Settings”.
    3. Click on Update & Security.
  2. Click Check for updates. 
  3. Once completed, please restart your computer.

Please Note: In June of 2021 SCS Computing Facilities migrated Windows 10 Andrew domain workstations to Intune co-management with Windows Update for Business.  This new update method does not require VPN for Microsoft updates.  You can determine the method your Andrew Windows computer updates below.  SCS domain machines use a legacy method found below.

Legacy - Updating via Software Center

  1. Open Software Center.
    1. Click on the Windows Menu, also known as the Start Menu.
    2. Search for “Software Center”.
    3. Click on the Software Center desktop app.
  2. Click Updates in the upper-left sidebar.
  3. Click Install All in the upper right-hand corner of the window. 

Off-campus Andrew Windows computers will need to connect to the VPN to install updates.

Please Note: For those still using Software Center to install updates, the VPN is required. Please visit the Andrew Computing Services website for more information on connected to the VPN.

Determine if Your Computer is using Software Center for Windows Updates

What is my domain computer's update method?

If you wish to confirm your computer's update method, you can do the following:

  1. Click Start, and type "Update" in search.
    • Click on Windows Update Settings (under Best match in Windows 10)
  2. In the Windows Update Settings window, click on View configured update policies section.
  3. If the Policies set on your device section shows Mobile Device Managment you are using Windows Update for Business.  Otherwise, you are using the legacy Software Center method.

You can read about the SCS Computing Facilities migration to Windows Update for Business here