Carnegie Mellon University School of Computer Science

A New Look for SCS Kerberos Instance Manager and SCS WebISO Login Pages

On Monday, 8/19/19, SCS Computing Facilities will introduce a visual redesign for the SCS Kerberos Instance Manager and login screens using the SCS WebISO login system. 

The SCS Kerberos Instance Manager has been redesigned with a more modern appearance to match the current SCS Computing website, the ability to adapt to varying screen sizes and devices, and better compliance with the Americans with Disabilites Act (ADA). 

This change also affects login screens using the same WebISO system, which will look different than before. However, login screens using the Shibboleth system will not change.

See the changes below:

Kerberos Instance Manager

The old design, followed by the new design...

The old Kerberos Instance Manager appearanceThe new Kerberos Instance Manager appearance.

WebISO Login Screens

The old design, followed by the new design...

The old WebISO login appearanceThe new WebISO login appearance.

Shibboleth Login Screens (NOT changing)

Services that use the Shibboleth login system (for either Andrew or SCS logins) have not changed, and will continue to use this appearance.

SCS Shibboleth login screen, with red dragon logoAndrew Shibboleth login screen, with plaid padlock