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Adobe Acrobat Pro License Expiration

Adobe Acrobat Pro License Expiration on 11/30/2019

On November 30, 2019, SCS Computing Facilities' current device-based license for Adobe Acrobat Pro will expire and will need to be updated with a new relicensing package. See below for more details and instructions relevant to your operating system.

Am I affected? What do I need to do?

This affects our systems differently. If you use your Andrew credentials to login to Windows, you are likely not affected by this change. If you use SCS credentials to login to Windows or if you use an SCS supported Mac, you may be affected.

In these cases, you may receive a notification regarding license expiration and will need to take steps to replace the product or utilize alternative products.

Please contact the SCS Help Desk at 412-268-4231 or submit a request for access to download the relicensing packages.

Below are instructions for Windows and macOS users. Follow the instructions appropriate to your operating system. 


  1. Download the licensing package for Windows. (Request access)
  2. Extract the zip archive. (You can use the default Windows zip Extract All option)
  3. Double-click the AdobeSerialization.exe program in the expanded archive.
  4. Click yes if UAC prompts to confirm. 
  5. The package will install silently, and will not prompt again.

Please Note: On or after November 30th 2019, a dialog may appear prompting to enter a serial number.  This is a one time dialog.  Simply close both the dialog and the Acrobat program and relaunch Acrobat.  The program will now use the new serial number.


  1. Download the licensing package  for macOS. (Request access)
  2. Expand the zip archive and leave the folder open, as we will need to drop "AdobeSerialization" into another window.
  3. Open the Terminal.
    1. To open it, either open your Applications folder, then open Utilities and double-click on Terminal, or press Command - spacebar to launch Spotlight and type "terminal" then double-click Terminal in the search results.
  4. Type sudo  with one space, then drag and drop the “AdobeSerialization” file (from the expanded archive folder we left open) onto the Terminal window.  Press return.
  5. The terminal will not display any confirmation text. You can exit terminal. 
  6. The program will now use the new serial number.

If you require assistance or have issues accessing the licensing packages, please contact the SCS Help Desk at 412-268-4231 or submit a request for support.