Carnegie Mellon University School of Computer Science

New SCS Self-Service Ubuntu VM

Off-Campus and need a virtual machine? 

Introducing the SCS Self-Service Ubuntu VM

This is an easy to deploy, easy to configure, and free of cost Linux VM for those within our community who do not require an SCS-supported virtual machine. While this VM is not supported by SCS Computing Facilities, we believe it may be the right solution for certain use-cases.

About this VM

This VM is a stock Ubuntu 20.04 LTS install and provisioned with the core services to work directly within the SCS environment like Kerberos authentication and access to AFS. This virtual machine is ideal for testing scenarios and working off the SCS network. While this VM does not qualify for SCS software support, it will receive nightly updates from Canonical. We believe it may be the right solution for certain use-cases and scenarios. Visit the SCS Self-Service Ubuntu VM page for more information. 

VM Image Release Cycle

We will publish an updated image that corresponds to LTS revisions of Ubuntu; therefore updates can be expected every 6 to 8 months. If there’s a high/critical vulnerability, a new VM image can also be expected. It will be the user's responsibility to update the virtual machine.

Built for use with Oracle's Virtual Box

You can use Oracle's VirtualBox to run your stand-alone Ubuntu VM. Virtual Box is free of cost. If you are planning to perform critical work and require SCS support, consider using a fully SCS-supported VM solution. You can request a VM for your SCS-supported computer through our online equipment registration form