Carnegie Mellon University School of Computer Science


Have questions regarding account or costing support processes? Need to purchase computing equipment for your department or group within SCS? Need assistance with registration or support charges? We can assist with purchasing, shipping or receiving, managing your asset registrations, support charging questions and more!

SCS Computing Facilities operates as a recharge center; we charge monthly fees to recover the costs of providing technical services and supporting the SCS community. When considering the volume of computers a department or group may be responsible for, understanding charges and services may become a bit challenging. We're happy to provide clarity, consult on charging issues and process, and consult on purchasing matters.

We provide business services that encompass purchasing services, shipment receiving, and the administration of computer hardware registration/tracking.  In addition, we are responsible for the systems and processes that make it possible to charge computing support costs to sponsored funding sources.  If you have any charging questions or concerns, you can submit a charging inquiry.