Carnegie Mellon University School of Computer Science

Resource Scheduler Issue

An Issue has been identified with Resource Scheduler

Day/Date:  Wednesday, July 28, 2021 (Reported by Vendor)

Time: Ongoing

Service Affected: SCS Room Reservation System (Resource Scheduler)


Our room reservation system vendor (Resource Scheduler) has advised that there is a known issue with the most recent version of the application affecting Google Calendar invites. The issue causes the invites to be sent with an ICS file using UTC as timezone when imported to Google Calendar. The only current workaround suggested by the vendor is to import the ICS (invitation) file into Outlook, if possible. 

We realize that this workaround is less than perfect for those who do not have Outlook on installed on their systems or for whom Outlook is not an option. 

We will update and resolve this alert as soon as the vendor indicates a fix is in place.