Carnegie Mellon University School of Computer Science

Ubuntu 18.04 - End of Life

Ubuntu Linux 18.04 LTS will no longer be supported in early 2023

Ubuntu Linux 18.04 LTS will reach the end of its hardware and maintenance update LTS support window on April 30, 2023. As Canonical, the operating system vendor, officially ends full support of this OS version, we will phase out software support for all computers running Ubuntu 18.04 LTS and will no longer support it.

SCS Computing Facilities (SCSCF) will end support for Ubuntu Linux 18.04 LTS on April 30, 2023

What do I need to do?

Depending on your use case, you have several options:

Extended Security Maintenance

Security updates for Ubuntu LTS that have reached End of Life (EOL).

While we encourage all of our SCS community to always use a current and SCS-supported operating system whenever possible, we understand there are special situations that may limit the ability to upgrade a computer's operating system. In these scenarios, you can continue to receive security updates for the Ubuntu base OS, critical software packages and infrastructure components with Extended Security Maintenance (ESM). Certain limitations apply.