Carnegie Mellon University School of Computer Science

Ubuntu Linux 18.04 - In Containment

Updated News Item:

Ubuntu Linux 18.04 LTS is slated for End of Life (EOL) in early 2023. We have placed this version of Ubuntu in containment. Read our news item on the 18.04 EOL and request an upgrade if you are a current 18.04 who will continue to use your computer after the 4/30/2023 EOL deadline. 

SCS Computing Facilities (SCSCF) offers support for Ubuntu Linux, including installation, access to our internal repositories and support for issues relating to the operating system and its functionality.

To request an upgrade for your current SCS supported desktop or server to Ubuntu Linux 20.04, please go to our Computer Equipment Registration Management page

For more information on minimum system requirements for Ubuntu Linux 20.04, please visit the Ubuntu System Requirements page. Please note that these requirement specifications do not take into account software and application requirements or special use cases.