Carnegie Mellon University School of Computer Science

VOL. 1, ISSUE 1, SUMMER 2019

What's New?

Just in time for summer, this is The LoopBack, a new SCS Computing Facilities newsletter sharing information on our projects and initiatives for the SCS community. For our inaugural newsletter, we share news about CrashPlan (our latest Data Protection product), our latest supported operating systems, a pilot internship program initiative for female high school students called CTRL+ALT+ELITE, and showcase one of the many changes in our recently re-launched website, our interactive room resource list (SCS conference rooms).

As we look forward to the next semester and beyond, some of our major projects include our Windows domain migration (SCS to Andrew), moving more of our community to the latest and most secure operating systems, and updating hardware recommendations to the latest offerings from Dell, Lenovo, and Apple.

Recent News

logo of crashplanCrashPlan Data Protection

SCS Computing Facilities is pleased to announce that we are now offering the CrashPlan Data Protection Service at no charge to the SCS community. Protect your data today! Enroll your computers using the online equipment registration form on our website.

Latest SCS Computing Supported Operating Systems

As part of our commitment to providing the best computing experience, we add new versions of our supported operating systems after thorough testing. We currently support Ubuntu Linux 18.04.2 LTS, macOS Mojave (10.14), as well as Windows 10.  Visit our supported OS and Software page for more information.

ctrlaltelite-white.jpgNew internship program!

SCS Computing Facilities is excited to announce the Ctrl+Alt+Elite internship program! A program designed to introduce high school-aged women to the world of information technology. The inaugural program will see two local high school students working in a real-world IT support environment with the SCS Help Desk team during the summer of 2019. For more details, visit the Ctrl+Alt+Elite page on our website.

2019-summer-roomslist.jpgInteractive Room Resource List

Our recently updated SCS Computing website includes an interactive breakdown of all of our supported conference rooms in SCS, including a 360° preview of all rooms available! You can visit our audio-visual resources page on our website. Links to book available rooms are also available on the list.

Did You Know...

Our Help Desk is located in GHC 4201, where you can stop by for a consultation?

Our Operating System Lifecycle page gives you insight into what operating systems we currently support, which ones will be phased out and more!


SCS Computing helps develop, deploy and maintain a number of High Performance Computing Clusters (HPC) for various research and instructional groups within SCS.